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When it comes to estate planning, wills, powers of attorney, and more, having a reliable and compassionate attorney to rely on can greatly enhance your experience. At the law firm of Lonnie C. Hill, J.D., you can rely on him to provide you with the support you need for all of the following services:

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Reliable, Compassionate Attorney Services in Lewisburg, PA

As your source for reliable, compassionate attorney services, his firm is available for clients throughout many areas of central Pennsylvania. Whether you have an estate in Sunbury, PA, or live in Shamokin, Middleburg, Washingtonville, or any of the areas surrounding his office in Lewisburg, please call for an appointment. The law office of Lonnie C. Hill, J. D., is here to provide the central Pennsylvania area with top-notch, cost-effective legal services they can rely on. From estate planning services to living wills, he offers it all.

Do I Need an Attorney to Write a Will?

When it comes to wills, it is understandable to have questions. You may be asking yourself if you need an attorney to write a will, or what a will even is or does. A will is simply a legal document stating your intentions for your property and other assets for when after you are deceased. It is especially important to have a will drawn up when you are the parent of young children, if you are suffering from a terminal illness, or even if you have a specific plan for what happens to your possessions and finances after your passing. It is also important to allow an attorney to help you through the process. This ensures that your will is a legally binding document without errors, so call today if you are interested in securing the future of your loved ones!

What can I include in my will?

Guardianship of minors
Real property (homes, buildings, etc.)
Bank accounts
& More